Performance Tuning

Performance tuning and motorsport applications are certainly the more passionate side of vehicle tuning in the world today. Here at Diesel Spec Inc , we can offer you performance tuning and chip tuning for most agriculture engines. Our tuning and ECU remapping software is developed in house here at the Diesel Spec Inc Technical facilities, you are welcome to come and see us if you would like to meet the team of experts and see the tuning and remapping being developed.

The tuning we offer is fully custom, written by our team of technical engineers, this means we can adapt the tuning we offer for your specific needs, requirements and modifications. So this is not just off the shelf tuning – but custom to each vehicules and customer – honed through hours of research and develop here in house.  Customization of our tuning and remapping can include tailoring for large injector tuning, larger Intercoolers, large turbo and supercharger modifications and conversions, air induction and performance exhaust systems, as well as other upgrades.

Results will vary from vehicle to vehicle, but typically the re-mapped vehicle will enjoy the following benefits immediately:

• Up to 20% increased performance
• Up to 30% increased torque
• 5% - 15% increased fuel efficiency
• Prolonged life of the engine, due to increased efficiencies