Fuel Economy Tuning


Diesel Spec is North America’s leading fuel economy tuning expert. We are often copied, and you may see many tuners claiming to have their own version of our unique fuel economy software. But while their version may look the same, the difference lies in the results. Diesel Spec Inc Fuel economy remap software is completely unique. The diesel engine tuning levels achieved by Diesel Spec Inc are the result of many hundreds of hours of R&D in the specific study of vehicle diesel engine fuel economy tuning.


Many parameters can be changed and fine-tuned, such as fuelling, injector settings, torque limiters and targets, boost pressure along with a host of others. What is changed for your engine really does depend on its application. Agri Tune will not just raise all settings in the ECU file. Instead, each and every single setting is calibrated in detail to achieve the desired result. Even the smallest of change can result in significant gains in performance or fuel savings.


Results Are :

• Up to 20% increased performance
• Up to 30% increased torque
• 5% - 15% increased fuel efficiency